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Meet Erica

Cultivating Creativity in Charlotte, North Carolina


An entrepreneur at heart, Erica cannot help but develop strategies to improve the world around her. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Erica started her first business early on with a business pitch, a technology system, and an operational plan.

With a dynamic business leadership and digital marketing career, Erica provides evidence-based frameworks for growth and industry-leading strategies. She guides organizations as a scholar-practitioner and a chief marketing officer as she leverages her knowledge in leadership development and focuses on efficiency.

Erica's husband Eddy and her two children have her heart. Her best moments are around her kitchen table, full of faith, family, connection, and laughter. The Thomas family is a hub of acceptance, authenticity, care, and food – they like making and sharing food.

In their free time, Erica and Eddy partner to serve business leaders with expert consulting and resources for company health, online growth, and social impact through Elevate 1 Consulting. Investing in the future of our world is legacy work for Erica and Eddy and the way they live out their shared purpose and faith.

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