• Erica Garcia Thomas

Elevate1 Podcast About Work From Erica Garcia Thomas and Eddy Paul Thomas

This podcast has been years in the making and we are so excited to share it with you soon.

About The Elevate1 Podcast

Hey, hi! We welcome existing members of our community and new friends alike. Great to meet you! Eddy and I are best friends, we are also married, business partners, and cheesy parents of two girls. We also hold our Master's degrees in the same field of business management and organizational leadership.

That's right. We nerd out by talking about work, leadership, and management, all the time. People think it's weird, but we don't care, we dig into the research and share perspectives on paid and unpaid work, nonprofit life, passion projects, side-gigs, and full-time corporate experiences.

So here we are, inviting you into these conversations to inspire you to see the value you bring to the world through the meaning and purposes you pursue.

The Future of Work

While no one knows exactly what is ahead for the workforce, we've seen how a global pandemic reshapes the way we live and work. We will talk through those challenges and others like racial equality in the workplace, productivity at home and at work, and virtual employee engagement. While the podcast is conversational we will always point you to the research and written facts in show notes.

This podcast is an open conversation about work where we invite you to contribute, comment, and share your perspective as you listen to the thoughts of others.

It's time to elevate one another through our work.

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p.s. Real-life: this podcast picture was taken at our engagement photo session six years ago (📸: BnB By Three), we have not slowed down to take professional photos since. Here's to hoping for more photo ops in the year ahead. ha!

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